AFR-1 electrical water level control float switch

  • Socket type: PF083A
  • Rated voltage:AC 110V,220V,240V,50/60Hz
  • Indicate operation:two LED’s use for two status
  • Contact rated: 5A 250VAC
  • Dielectric strength:1500VAC 50/60Hz, 1MINUTE
  • Consumed power:3.2VA
  • Description

AFR – 1 level relay is to control liquid relay. This is a relay have internal electronic circuit. Using the liquid conductivity. When the liquid level reaches a certain height time relay will action to cut off the power supply. Liquid level is lower than a certain position on power make water pump work. To achieve the function of automatic control. Automatic control by the sensor and control actuator composition. Liquid level controller sensor is generally conductor. Use water conductivity. Water conductivity is poorer, cannot be directly drive relay. So have electronic circuit will current amplifier, in order to promote the relay work.

Rated voltageAC110V, 220 v, 240 v, 380 v, 415 v, 440 v 50/60 hz
Action voltagerated voltage value of 85 ~ 110%
Action resistance 4 k Ω min. (general)
Release resistance15 k Ω min. (general)
Electric tabled length1 km below (general)
Insulation resistance 100 m Ω (DC 500 v) above
Voltage withstand1500 vac, 50/60 hz, a minute
Consumed power3.2 VA
Use surrounding humidityUse surrounding humidity
Use surrounding humidityUse surrounding humidity
Use ambient temperature – 10 degrees Celsius ~ + 55 degrees Celsius
Response timeaction 80 ms the following, release: 160 ms the following
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