color mark sensor BZJ-211

Detection distance:0-10mm

Dustproof, vibration-proof, waterproof and oil-proof

With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection

Adopts envelop glue, temperature resist, oil-proof colophony in it

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Supply voltage10-30DC
Ambient temperature0℃~65℃
Detecting methodCoaxial reflection
Setting distance10mm±2mm
chromatogram of lightred、green、blue、white
Response time50uS
Current consumption<200mA
Output typeNPN PNP

LM   18 –  30     05     N     A       /   L

1       2       3      4      5     6      7      8

Switch categoryOutput form
LM:Inductance type

CM:Capacitance type

SM:Hall type

AM:Safety Explosion-proof type

XM:Mimic Linear type

HM:Reed type

RU:Ultrasonic type

N:Three-wire DC NPN Output

P:Three-wire DC PNP Output

L:Two-wire DC Output

AC Two-wire Output

J:Relay Contact Output

NP:NPN+PNP Double Output

Outward appearance codeOutput state
□:Cylinder type

F□:Angular Column Type and Plane Installation Type

A:normally Open(NO) B:Normally Close(NC)

C:normally Open-Normally Close(NO+NC)

Mu:Mimic Voltage  Mi:Mimic Current


Working voltageSubsidiart functions
30:6-36VDC   310:5-24VDC  320:12-60VDC

330:10-30VDC 340:10-55VDC  350:10-60VDC

360:5-36VDC  20:90-250VAC  50:Special voltage:

T:With aviation connector Y:Waterproof,Oilproof

I:Special requirement   H:High temp resistance

R:Ring type

Detection distanceLong-distance
01:1mm   05:5mm   10:10mm ......L:Long-distance
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