Binder Electric not only has the advanced technology ,but also has perfect producing conditions, so, it is fully able to meet any needs of customers from worldwide. What’s more, the engineers were the developers of OEG、OMRON. At the same time, some engineers are the senior R & D engineers of domestic OEM company which cooperate with many international companies such as: Schneider, Weidmuller, Phoenix, ABB and so on. The company strictly in accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. And our company is careful to details. At the premise of ensuring the quality(such as high demand for raw materials, high requirements upon processing equipment, etc),our company endeavors to simplify the structure、Optimize the technology、improve the assembly efficiency and elevate the production consistency and free testing rates. Thus, the quality of products will be improved and the manufacturing costs will be decreased.

auto relay

· PCB automotive relays
· Plug-in automotive relays
· Automotive relay modules


We have a complete series of signal relays (including the fourth generation) and advanced automatic production lines.

Power relay

Power relays are widely used in air-conditioners, fridges, washing machines, panel TVs, water heaters, and other home appliances.

Latching relay

· Metering latching relays
· Power latching relays


We offer a wide range of IEC industrial relays designed for heavy duty applications, heavy loads and long service life to meet your general industrial control needs.


The socket series is supplied with the corresponding relay for connecting the relay to the controlled electronics.


Our solid state relays have the inherent advantages of solid design: there is no wearable moving parts or contacts that are compatible with industrial controllers such as PLCs and temperature controllers.

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